Room Conversation , New Vrindavan , 1976-06-26

Prabhupāda: [indistinct] ...the pilot for 747, paying him a large sum of money. And here is airplane, everything complete with a pilot. Create by your scientific brain. Rascal, you are so proud of your scientific...

Hari-śauri: In Māyāpur, you said that the mosquito's body is so perfect that although with one slap it's finished, still it has a syringe so strong that it immediately, upon landing on the skin, it can penetrate and extract blood.

Prabhupāda: Immediately, just see. And if you allow one second, he'll fill the whole body up by sucking the... Just see what is that nozzle, and how quickly they can... There is no intelligence? The mosquito has better intelligence than any human being about his business. Therefore Prahlāda Mahārāja said, sukham aindriyakaṁ daityā deha-yogena dehinām [SB 7.6.3]. That particular body, he is destined to enjoy a certain amount of sense gratification according to his body. Like that. Sarvatra labhyate daivād. God's arrangement is nice. He can get it. The mosquito is getting. He wanted to suck blood, so he has been given a teeny body, he can suck blood, very little quantity. So arrangement is there. He's satisfying his senses, daivād, by arrangement of God. So why you are endeavoring? Even it is there in the mosquito, even it is there in the tiger or any animal or man, it is already arranged. Why you are wasting time in that way? Simply sense gratification. Who will understand this philosophy? The fact is explained. That gentleman, Subramanian, is very much appreciative.

Hari-śauri: Hmm.

Prabhupāda: Those who are sane men, they are appreciating that here is a movement actually for the benefit... It is not sentimental, cheating, bluffing, economic development. Do economic development. Why you forget your real business? Tat-prayāso na kartavyo yena āyur... What is that? Vyayaḥ param, simply wasting the valuable time of our life. If you want to suck blood, just become a mosquito. [laughs] Pray to God = "Give me the body of a mosquito." Quickly you will get. Yānti deva-vratā devān, bhūtejyaḥ yānti bhūtāni [Bg. 9.25]. You'll get it.

Pradyumna: Kīrtanānanda is here with the car. [microphone rattling]


Prabhupāda: Hare Kṛṣṇa. Simply expand this idea. Kṛṣī-go-rakṣya-vāṇījyam [Bg. 18.44]. [end]