Morning Walk , San Diego , 1975-07-27

Prabhupāda: [laughing] You are so rich, you can do it, continually festival = "Come on. Take prasādam. Chant Hare Kṛṣṇa." Just like... What is that? You told me? Continual massage...

Tamāla Kṛṣṇa: Massage parlor, twenty-four hours.

Prabhupāda: [laughing] Twenty-four hours. Similarly, twenty-four hours free prasādam: "Come on." But they are not hungry.

Tamāla Kṛṣṇa: Not for that.

Prabhupāda: Harer nāma harer nāma... [Cc. Ādi 17.21]. [break] ...trunk as fat as this is, very long. Where I saw it? Maybe... Mexico, I think. [break]

Rāmeśvara: ...trees that are so fat that you can drive your car through it. They have made a opening...

Prabhupāda: Ācchā?

Rāmeśvara: ...and you can drive your car through it.

Jayatīrtha: Redwood tree. Those are the trees that are so old, sometimes five thousand years old.

Prabhupāda: Taravaḥ kiṁ na jīvanti [SB 2.3.18]. Bhāgavata says that "You are trying to prolong your life. Don't you know that trees live more and more years than yourself?" Taravaḥ kiṁ na jīvanti. So what is the use of such living? A tree standing for five thousand years, what is the use of such living? Therefore those who are trying to live for many years, they are being instructed, taravaḥ kiṁ na jīvanti [SB 2.3.18]. They are also living being. And what is the use of living? First of all, that... For the same purpose, eating, sleeping, mating and living for five thousand years, ten thousand years, what is the use? Taravaḥ kiṁ na jīvanti, bhastrāḥ kiṁ na śvasanty uta. [japa] [break] This park is very nice. [break] ...śunīcena. We are all trampling; there is no protest. [break] Our man?

Devotees: [laughing] No, yoga.

Prabhupāda: Yoga.

Jayatīrtha: He's trying to become immortal.

Prabhupāda: Huh?

Jayatīrtha: He wants to be immortal.

Prabhupāda: No, this keeps healthy.

Tamāla Kṛṣṇa: It's good for the body.

Prabhupāda: Yes. Śīrṣāsana, it is called, "sitting on the head." Śīrṣāsana. Śīrṣāsana, padmāsana, yogāsana. There are so many āsanas.

Tamāla Kṛṣṇa: We don't practice those.

Prabhupāda: We have no time from sleeping. [laughter] Otherwise, this is not bad. This is not bad. It keeps good health, these yogāsana.

Jayatīrtha: So if we have time, we can do that?

Prabhupāda: [chuckles] Hare Kṛṣṇa. Not required. [end]