Morning Walk, partially recorded , Honolulu , 1974-01-21

Prabhupāda: [japa] ..sinful activities, fishing. Just see. Killing another animal, beginning of life, of the day. Such a nice civilization they have created = waste of time and sinful activities.

Bali-mardana: The more they have extra time, the more they commit sins.

Prabhupāda: Yes. [break] ...śuddhyed. Life is meant for purifying the existence. They do not know it. Rascal education, no education---still, they are Nobel Prize winner. Just see the kind. Mūḍha. So how many books distributed? Who is a book distributor? Nobody?

Sudāmā: Yesterday?

Prabhupāda: Yes?

Sudāmā: Ah, I am not sure of the count...

Prabhupāda: [aside:] Oh, your child has also come. [laughing]

Hari-Vallabha: Ātmārāma dāsa.

Prabhupāda: Oh, that's nice. Eh?

Sudāmā: I don't know the count for yes..., the day before yesterday.

Bali-mardana: In New York last month we paid, er, the month before, we paid forty-five thousand dollars into the book fund in one month. It's a new record.

Prabhupāda: Hmm. Forty-five thousand?

Bali-mardana: In one month.

Prabhupāda: Oh. [break] ...distributed with books, from the very beginning.

Bali-mardana: And samosās.

Prabhupāda: And samosās, yes. [laughs]

Bali-mardana: One bookseller in New York.

Prabhupāda: Yes, Paradise. Paradise?

Bali-mardana: Yes, I think that is it. The woman was telling us.

Prabhupāda: Yes. She was very friendly. Mrs. Max Linder. Her husband is the proprietor, and she would call her husband, "Max, why don't you take these books?" like this. She was friendly. And that Mr. Max was first-class businessman. He will extract as much profit as pos... [laughs] Hare Kṛṣṇa. This sold, practically, in the beginning, they were selling. I was getting some money. There was no other income. Another bookseller, Oriental.

Bali-mardana: Yes, Oriental.

Nitāi: Orientalia.

Prabhupāda: Orientalia, yes. That lady was secretary of Dr. Mishra. [japa] [to child:] Oh, you cannot walk? That's not good. You must walk. She cannot... [japa] She's walking?

Devotee: Yes.

Prabhupāda: [japa] [break]

Bali-mardana: ...the are, he talks real funny, sort of Spanish way?

Prabhupāda: I don't know.

Bali-mardana: He's been coming for many, many years. He's a old..., older man.

Prabhupāda: Hmm. I don't... [break] ...and their exercise is to keep the body fit. Tapasya means to keep the soul fit. [end]