Letter to: Trai , Sridhama Mayapur , 1972-03-01

My dear Trai Das,

Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of your letter dated February 15, 1972, and I am very much pleased that you have assumed the president's post for Berkeley centre. That is one of our most important branches especially because it is located just in a very large university area, well known in your country as a famous seat of learning. So now it will be very important to flood Berkeley city with our books and literatures, because if we can convince the intelligent class of men of our Krishna philosophy then our success for changing the position of your country and the rest of the world from a very dangerous condition is assured. Just see that our routine programme such as rising early, cleansing, reading books chanting, street Sankirtana, deity worship, and so on, if these items of regular programme are maintained to the highest standard and not neglected for anything, then everything else we try for will come out successful without fail. So you are now big officer, and I think Krishna has favored you by this position, because now you will be forced to always be the best example of KC person and be very very responsible, because you must make sure that all the devotees in your temple are always satisfied as far as possible by being happy in spiritual life.

As you have recommended him, I am glad to accept Karnamrta das for second initiation. Enclosed find one sacred thread duly chanted by me, and you may hold a fire yagna and give him gayatri mantra. I think you or Kesava may be having a copy of tape of me reciting gayatri mantra, so he can hear it through earphones into the right ear so the public may not hear it. Instruct him in the principles of brahminical life, namely, to be always pure or suci. One's actions are not pure until the body is pure. So in this way, by stressing all kinds of cleanliness habits, eventually one can be purified completely, and thus qualify himself to meet god face to face.

Hope this will meet you in good health.

Your ever well-wisher,
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami.