Letter to: Tamala Krsna, Jayapataka , Sydney , 1972-04-02


My dear Tamala Krishna and Jayapataka,

Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge receipt of your joint letter dated 19th March, 1972, and I have noted the contents carefully. I am very much encouraged by your progress in reporting the stockpiling of materials. It appears that things are progressing at a good rate, and if you are determined enough to make a very perfect scheme there in Mayapur, Krishna will give you all encouragement to make all necessary arrangements. So continue in this way, but try to persuade these men for giving us more donations of money and goods. The newspaper report of Hindus and Moslems eating together which has been printed in Amrita Bazar Patrika will persuade many rich men to help us. I am very glad that Amrita Bazar Patrika is helping us in this way by printing these articles. So if you can show this handbill you have printed and these articles, so many men will give for human welfare basis. I am enclosing one card given to me by one man in the Calcutta airport just as I was leaving there last time, and this man has got a brother in the steel business in Calcutta and he has promised me to help us secure free steel from him. So try for it.*

Now out of one lakh, 13,700, I paid you Rs. 10,000, and I kept out Rs. 3,700 which I deposited in the Building Account. Now for further transactions the suppliers of goods should be paid for by check from the Building Fund, so if you want bricks let them supply and send us bill which should be checked by you both and also by one of our consulting engineers or experts, and then a check will be issued from me. So far I know Karandhara had only $13,600 in the Mayapur Fund, $10,000 of which was transferred back to my account, so for the time being you cannot expect more money from there. But your work will not suffer as all supplies will be paid for by the Building Fund. So let them supply bricks, they will bill and we shall pay by check. One thing: we have just completed a similar arrangement, as with Mr. Jayan, in Bombay, and the rate was much more favorable, so if in future we shall require, you may consult with Giriraja and Mahamsa what is to be done.

So far your interview in Times of India, he has caught you on one or two points unable to answer. We should always be patient to answer such newsmen's questions, they are very easy to answer, and so many people will see. For example, for the question about poverty, you should have said that some persons are destined to suffer poverty by their karma. It is said that good parents are no guarantee for good children, medicine is no guarantee for health, a ship is no guarantee for a drowning man—all of these counter-remedies are useless if a man is not protected by Krishna. Therefore, in you country, even they have very rich parents, the children are turning out to be poverty-stricken hippies, so here or there, it doesn't matter, poverty must exist by the laws of nature because people have forgotten Krishna, therefore they must suffer alternate poverty and so-called opulence just like being pushed under the water for some time and then relieved by coming up, then again pushed down, and they are thinking this is life.

We shall remain in Australia about two weeks, then go to New Zealand where Tusta Krishna is opening a center, and then I am thinking to go directly back to Los Angeles. I am very much discouraged by this process of travelling, so much botheration. So you may reply here up to about middle of April, then I shall inform you where we are going from there.

Hoping this meets you both in good health.

Your ever well-wisher,
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami