Letter to: Sri A.C. Misra , Seattle , 1968-09-26

Sri A.C. Misra
High Commission of India
200 Maclaren Street
Ottawa 4, Canada

Dear Sir,

While thanking you for your registered letter No. OTT/428/2/68, I beg to inform you that on opening the registered cover, I find that the passport does not belong to me. I am very much surprised how this misdelivery has been possible. The passport which I have got in my hand just now is No. I-062636, in favor of Charamma Sebastian, issued from your Bombay office, dated October 25, 1962.

Please therefore find out immediately where is my passport and send it directly to your San Francisco office care of Mr. Sethi, because without the passport I cannot get the police clearance and birth certificates. I have received back the money order, but I cannot utilize it without getting my passport. I have been so long waiting for the passport and twice I phoned your office in Canada, asking you to send it back, as requested by your San Francisco office, but when I got your registered package, it is a different one. Please therefore immediately arrange to return my passport care of Mr. Sethi, and on return of my passport, I shall return the wrong passport which is in my possession.

Yours faithfully,
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami