Letter to: Sir , New Vrindaban , 1969-05-27

(?) Khanna Aban Villa,
Santacruz East
Bombay-55 INDIA

Dear Sir:

I am in due receipt of your telegram as well as your letter dated May 20, 1969, and I have noted the contents carefully. I do not know why you are so much worried about your son's accepting brahmanahood. Anyway, rest assured that your son will not be initiated in brahmanahood at least for one year henceforward, unless he is so prepared with your sanction. Brahmanahood is not so easy job that one can be turned into a brahmana all of a sudden. We initiate our students into brahmanahood only after seeing their behavior for at least one year, especially with reference to the following principles: 1) one must not indulge in illicit sex, 2) one must not eat anything nonvegetarian, 3) one must not take any intoxicants, including coffee, tea or cigarettes, and 4) one must not take part in gambling.

Besides this, even if one is initiated into brahmanahood it does not mean that he shall stop his general work and helping his family. I do not know why you are so upset that he will not help you anymore. Anyway, I am forwarding your letter to your son to negotiate with you further in this matter. But rest assured that he will not be accepted into brahmanahood at least for one year henceforward.

Sincerely yours,
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami