Letter to: Rayarama — Unknown Place, Unknown Date

Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of your letter dated March 9. So far the ideas for San Francisco or India are concerned, they are dropped for the time being. Better the press idea be fulfilled in N.Y. I have got a greater attachment for N.Y. than any other city of your country. You better stick to N.U. for the time being and do your money making schemes. The India plan will be fructified when I return there.

So far the title Swami is concerned, although this word is used generally for Sannyasins, this Swami is my particular name as Sannyasi. Therefore, it must be suffixed at the end of my real name, A.C. Bhaktivedanta. So far the prefix "Swami" is concerned, every sannyasi has got to do that, but two ways Swami (Swami A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami) is not good looking. The end "Swami" is necessary because it is my Sannyasa name. The first Swami may be transformed into Goswami, which is on the same order of Swami. Therefore, I use the prefix Tridandi Goswami and suffix Swami, as I have printed on my card enclosed herewith. That will be nice. In small lettering, it can be written above my name "Tridandi Goswami". Vaisnava sannyasins are known as Tridandi gosvamis, and Mayavadi sannyasins are know as only Swami.

With reference to the boys holding kirtanas independently, our propaganda should be like that. That people may open different centers of their own, or each and every householder may have his own class at home. Not that everyone is required to join the society; they may take the idea from the society and introduce in their private life. And if possible, let us sell to them the paraphernalia of Kirtana, karatalas, mrdanga, Deities, etc.

Hope you are well.

P.S. No feasting in the evening of Caitanya's birthday. Fasting all day till evening moon rise. Then take Prasadam like Ekadasi. Next day you can have full swing feasting. On the birthday if can take a procession of Kirtana on the street it is very nice.