Letter to: Mr. Mottissey , Montreal , 1969-07-16

Dear Mr. Mottissey,

Please accept my blessings. I am so glad to receive your letter dated July 10, 1968, and I embrace you thankfully that you have become so much interested in Bhakti yoga. This Bhakti yoga is very pleasing, practical, and readily understandable how far we are making progress. But in practicing Bhakti yoga, we can make immediately an estimation of our progress. For example, all our students, they are completely refrained from 4 principles of prohibition in which they were addicted in their previous life. But since they are initiated, they are not taking any meat, they are not taking any intoxicants, including tea, coffee, and cigarettes, and so many other things but very nicely they are keeping the balance. So this is practical example that at least he is saved so much botheration, and unnecessary expenditures in the matter of eating and drinking. Sometimes I think when I see on the street strewn cigarette butts, that if people in general give up cigarette smoking, how much money they can save daily without any effort. And if they contribute the money for spreading Krishna consciousness, we can prosecute so many activities to change the face of the world. So Krishna Consciousness movement is all good from all sides. From social, political, economical, hygienic and many other points of view. And at last it is the greatest gift because at the end, we become associated with Krishna. I am very glad that you are attending Kirtana and eating prasadam and transcendentally enjoying the association of the devotees in the temple. Kindly continue this method and you will be more and more enlightened.

So far you want to see me personally, I am always open to see you, and you are welcome to come at your convenience. But if you want to be initiated, first of all be fixed up in your mind that you will follow the restrictive rules and regulations in this connection. For further inquiries you can talk with Mukunda, Syamasundara, Yamuna, etc. and they will give you necessary information. Hope this finds you in good health, and thanking you once more for remembering me.

Your ever well wisher,
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami