Letter to: Mr. and Mrs. Renovich , New York , 1967-06-09

S. B. & K. Renovich
4909 Norfolk St.
Burnaby 2, B.C.

My dear Mr. and Mrs. Renovich:

I thank you very much for your letter of 3rd June 1967. I have noted the contents carefully, and I am glad that you are reading my god-brother's book (Raghava Caitanya Das). You are correct in your conclusion that "Hari-Nama" is the only means for spiritual realization in this age. Swami Bon Maharaja is also my God-brother, and under the discipline of our Spiritual Master we were all trained up for preaching this gospel of chanting the Holy Name, and I am trying to do my bit in these western countries; and by Krishna's Grace people are receiving the mantra with great interest.

In our three branches, (New York, San Francisco, and Montreal), this new line of spiritual realization is being received with enthusiasm. Last Sunday there was a meeting in the Tompkins Square Park and thousands of people participated. I was seriously ill for the last few days, so that I could not attend the meeting, but I sent a message through my disciple, and when the message was read it was received with great applause.

I wish to open a similar branch in Vancouver with your cooperation. If you are serious about it, then you arrange for our reception, and I may go there with some of my disciples. The Indians in Montreal are taking a great interest in our temple, and similarly we may expect that when there is a temple in Vancouver all the Indians will take an interest. One of my chief disciples, Sriman Kīrtanānanda, has very nicely organized the Montreal center, and on hearing from you either myself or Kīrtanānanda may go to your place. This Sankirtana movement is so natural and nice; we had a very good experience at Stanford University where all the students joined with us and danced with us. I am enclosing one press report and hope you enjoy it.

Yours sincerely,