Letter to: Mahamsa , Bhaktivedanta Manor , 1973-08-08

My Dear Mahamsa,

Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of your letter dated 2nd August, 1973 with enclosures and noted the contents carefully.

Sriman Pannalal Pittie and Sriman Seshu are quite right when they say that the clause number five in the deed must be omitted. Tamala Krishna is not right. He says that we can always prove in the courts that what ever we do is in accordance with the rules and regulations of our society. But that clause number five will remain a pin-prick in the whole arrangement. The Hyderabad caste brahmanas came to fight with me on the issue that brahmanas are made by Birth, but we do not follow this principal, therefore now if we accept this defective donation and later on this question is raised that we are getting the Deity Worship maintained by Europeans and Americans who are not born in brahmana families there will be great litigation on this issue and it may be judgement is against us, then what we will do? We have to invest lakhs of Rupees on this temple construction and if later on this is cancelled as you write distinctly "The deed of trust shall stand as cancelled and the property hereby conveyed in trust shall revert back to the author of the trust." So you think we are going to take such risk? Suppose it is going to be reverted to the author of the trust which means he gets the property worth lakhs of Rupees invested by us. Tamala Krishna has no sense that he wants to settle up the things in court as he has done in our Bombay affairs. Un-necessarily he has cancelled our sales agreement with Mrs. Nair and we are suffering so much in litigation. So, he has not gained any experience what is the meaning of going to court. Therefore I can not agree with him that we shall prove in court that we are doing alright. We do not want to keep any clause in the deed of gift which will generate a sort of litigation with the __ in the future. The trust gift must be unconditional. So Sri Pannala Pittie is right and I agree with him. When I was in India Tamala Krishna said that the draft deed would be first accepted by Pannala Pittie and then he would get it confirmed by our lawyer in Bombay. But I do not know why by talking on telephone you should decide such an important transaction. I hope either you or Tamala Krishna should not act anything in this connection without consulting our friends like Pannala Pittie and finally approved by me. So one lakh of Rupees which I promised to pay first in the beginning of this construction, that promise stands good and I shall immediately pay one lakh of Rupees for construction as soon as the deed is finally executed.

I hope this meets you in good health.