Letter to: Ksirodakasayi , Los Angeles , 1970-01-10

c/o Friendly Store
85 Dudden Hill Lane
London N.W. 10

My Dear Ksirodakasayiji,

Please accept my blessings. I am so glad to receive your letter, dated 25 December, 1969, addressed to Boston and now redirected here. I have come to Los Angeles on the 29th ultimo. I am living in a very nice house for which they are paying $600 per month. The house is very calm and quiet and quite suitable for my work, and two devotees are always engaged to assist me. I go, every morning, for a walk in the nice neighborhood called Beverly Hills. So everything is alright here, temperature, atmosphere, facilities, by Krishna's Grace. The Temple here is also well managed. Every day they are going to perform Sankirtana on the streets, twice, and, on the average, they are collecting not less than $200 daily. So, our only means of subsistence is Krishna's grace and all our needs are fulfilled by the Lord. I am getting reports from all other centers that all of them are selling Back to Godhead everyday from 50 to 400 copies per day, according to the importance of the local situation.

Now, so far London is concerned, I have received news from Mukunda that they are also collecting, on the average, 50 pounds daily. So, by the Grace of Krishna, London center has now got a nice building in a nice quarter, a nice Temple and a nice Indian friend like you. I am so glad for your assurance that you shall all combinedly do your utmost to spread Krishna Consciousness Movement from one corner to the other in England. Please do it. Perhaps you know that we endeavored in the locality, and they want 80,000 pounds. That house I have seen and most probably you might have seen also. It is quite suitable for our purpose, but at the present moment we have no money. That Mr. Banarsi, who is an Indian industrialist in London and lives near that Ajibai's house, promised some help. Now, he is out of his station in India and he is expected to come back by the month of March. He assured me that, when he came back, he would collect at least 200,000 pounds to help me in this connection. I do not know his India address, but somehow or other, if you can send me, I can keep myself in contact with him so that, when he comes back, all of you together take his help in raising this fund and purchase that house. I am also writing Mukunda separately in this connection. So far approaching the Indian community, you may do so with an appeal that Krishna Consciousness Movement is so nice that, by its propagation, there would be no more any other sect and that will be perfect position of the human society. Being influenced by this movement, nobody shall now remain a Hindu, a Christian, a Mohammedan, a Buddhist, like that, but everyone should become servant of Krishna by the simple method of chanting His Holy Name. Krishna is the Supreme Father, and He claims all living entities, in all forms and species of life, as His sons. So why not take this philosophy and practically see how the followers are feeling happy on the basis of Krishna Consciousness. You have got to convince all sections of human society and induce them to come to Krishna Consciousness. London is a great city, perhaps the most important metropolis in the world, many people visit every year. So, combined together, Englishman and Indian should erect such a nice institution there that people from all parts of the world may take advantage of this. Now this is the program before you, and you can further develop it with sincere service and great devotion.

Regarding your Tuesday class at your place, you can continue it as a sub-branch of ISKCON Radha Krishna Temple. The procedure should be exclusively for chanting Hare Krishna mantra or singing other songs just like Govinda jaya jaya, Gopala jaya jaya . . ., and nothing more. Demigod worship in your house or thinking a demigod as equal with Narayana or Krishna should be stopped altogether, actually that is not the fact. Special stress should be given on chanting Hare Krishna mantra, reading from Bhagavad-gita As It Is or Srimad-Bhagavatam. In the Bhagavad-gita editions, you will find a peculiarity that, in place of Krishna, they have mentioned Paramatma or Paramisvara, or like that. These expressions are more or less indications of impersonalism. Therefore, when Bhagavad-gita should be recited, always read "Krishna." This transcendental word should be mentioned. So, in that way, you may continue your Tuesday class. Both you and your wife should decorate your foreheads with urdhapundra tilaka.

I have seen the letter of Srinath das Khanna. In future, do not enter into much correspondence with him. Now you have got a very great responsibility to push on this Krishna Consciousness Movement above everything. You are a sincere soul, you were in search after proper guidance. I can assure you to do this service for your advanced realization of Krishna Consciousness, which is the highest achievement and perfectional stage in human life.

I hope your wife and children are enjoying good health and offer them my blessings.

Your ever well-wisher,
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami