Letter to: Krsna Gopala , Bombay , 1973-01-04


My dear Krsna Gopala,

Please accept my blessings. Your letter December 30, 1972, is in hand, I have only just now got it, so tomorrow is your Sharadh ceremony of your father, so I do not know if this letter will reach you in time to be of any help in the matter. But for conducting Sharadh ceremony, that should be done in our temple, and feasting should be arranged in the temple. Afterwards, the prasada should be distributed to friends and relatives. Perform kirtana, give lecture and readings, just like our ordinary program. The idea is that in addition we are offering sumptuous prasadam of Visnu to the soul of father and mother. Therefore Visnu's prasada should be distributed in sufficient quantities, not otherwise.

I am very happy to learn from you all of the valuable assistance that you are giving to our Tejyas there at Delhi. He is very sincere boy, along with his good wife, and there is excellent field for our preaching work in Delhi city. So as much as possible you may give him your attention and energy for helping me to push on this Krsna Consciousness movement there. You are householder, and you are teaching your family Krsna consciousness, that is the best example of grhastha model life. So go on in this way, and become the perfect example of grhastha devotee family. I think that you may also assist Tejyas by approaching the big men and professional men like members of Parliament, doctors, lawyers, like that, in your city, and enroll them as our life members. This activity of preaching, along with your daily program as you have given me, that will be sufficient to bring you to the platform of perfection in spiritual life in very short time. Thank you for helping me in this way.

Hoping this meets you in good health,

Your ever well-wisher,
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami