Letter to: Kedar Mataji , Los Angeles , 1969-01-25

My Dear Kedar Mataji,

Please accept my greetings and blessings of Sri Sri Kisori Raman. I wrote to Krishna Prasad Bhargava about these murtis for free donation. As you know that I am trying to establish many temples of Sri Sri Radha-Krishna in the Western world. I think that devotees of Lord Krishna in India should come forward and cooperate with my missionary activities. Krishna Prasadji donated one pair of Sri Murtis for our New York temple, and I wished that many other rich merchants of India who are devotees of Lord Krishna may contribute a pair of 24" high Radha-Krishna murtis for installing in various temples here. You should also come forward to cooperate with this movement. I am already getting murtis 24" high at a rate which is almost 50% less than the price quoted by you. If you therefore wish to cooperate with this great adventure, you shall not please try to make any profit out of it. You simply cooperate with me in supplying murtis at the rate which I am already purchasing. We do not require any clothings because our devotees here are now expert in making nice clothings.

What you have to do is to purchase the deities, pack Them in nice wooden boxes securely, and dispatch to Calcutta to our shipping agents. We have arrangements with Scindia Steam Navigation Co. to carry our temple goods free of charge.

You will be pleased to note that I have established temples in the following important places: London, Hamburg, New York, San Francisco, Hawaii, Montreal, Vancouver, Boston, etc. In each of these temples we will require one pair of deities. Besides that, we have secured about 140 acres of land in West Virginia where the scheme is to construct 7 temples. We wish to develop a township there called New Vrindaban for our growing Krishna Conscious community. Similarly, an attempt is being made in England also for which we are requesting legal documents. So I hope you will cooperate with us, and induce others to cooperate with this movement. The Americans have enough money to purchase the deities, but I wish that the Krishna devotees of India should come forward and cooperate with this movement by contributing pairs of deities. I shall be glad to hear from you soon.


A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami