Letter to: Jayananda, Kartikeya, Syama, Dorothy, Visnujana, Dan, Tom, Russell, Michael, Krsna Devi, others , Montreal , 1968-08-26

San Francisco

My Dear Jayananda, Kartikeya, Syama dasi, Dorothy, Visnujana, Dan, Tom, Russell, Michael, Krishna devi, and all my sons and daughters in San Francisco,

Please accept my blessings. I am so grateful to you for your invitation to come to San Francisco as soon as possible, and equally I am also anxious to go there, but for certain unavoidable reasons, I cannot immediately go to San Francisco. One of the reasons is that I may have to go to Vancouver and I am expecting instructions in this connection at every moment. So if I go to Vancouver then from Vancouver I shall go to San Francisco, and if I do not go to Vancouver, then probably by the end of September I must go to San Francisco.

I am in due receipt of your letter, Jayananda, dated August 21, 1968, and I am glad to learn that one Indian gentleman, Sri Ranchhoubha Patel, is returning to India and upon returning they will send two 18" marble Radha Krishna Murti, and certainly when you receive those Murtis, we shall have a grand festival. In the meantime, the Murti of Murli Manohar when arrives by the end of September, I must be present and do the needful nice ceremony. When I go to San Francisco, I shall deal with these Indian ladies and gentlemen, and in the meantime, keep them alive in the activities of our temple. It may be that we may open another center in San Francisco, near this Patel community. Anyway, let Murli Manohar come, then Radharani will automatically come.

Regarding the Associated Press: It is a very good opportunity to push our publicity through this sympathetic press. I have got so many things to say to such press representative, and if you can see the gentleman and arrange to send a representative here in Montreal, so it will be a nice opportunity to speak to them personally.

You wanted to send me one certificate for the police officer, and I also confirmed this, but I have not received as yet the certificate. If possible, please send it immediately.

I am so much pleased with the good reports of your Sankirtana party there, and please continue to spread our Krishna Consciousness movement in this way, and you will receive the blessings of Lord Caitanya. I am very happy to hear of the so many new boys and girls taking a sincere interest in this philosophy, and I am also very eager to meet with them when I come there to San Francisco.

In the meantime, please continue your very excellent work of spreading this Krishna Consciousness all over that part of the country, and try to attract more and more new boys and girls to this great movement.

Thanking you once more for your many kind letters of invitation, and hoping you are well and happy.

Your ever well-wisher,
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

N.B. Please send my stationery (like this sheet), which is lying with you there, if you have not yet done so, as we will be needing it very soon.