Letter to: Jaggadeva , Bombay , 1972-12-28

Please accept my blessings. With reference to a letter to me dated December 6, 1972, wherein Aksojananda Swami has recommended several students for initiation, I have since heard that he has left Amsterdam and he is supposed to be preaching in England, and I have heard that you are now the president of Amsterdam temple so I am informing you that, upon the recommendation of Aksojananda, I am happy to accept the two boys as my duly initiated disciples. Their letter and their beads, duly chanted by me, are enclosed herewith. Please find also three sacred threads enclosed, also chanted by me, along with three copies of gayatri mantra. Now if you have not got experience, then Hansadutta may come there for performing the fire yajna. Or if it is more convenient then someone may come from London, or Aksojananda may come for a few days and hold the fire yajna. Whatever, hold the fire yajna and sacred thread may be given to yourself, Hari Krishna, and Tirthasadhaka. You should be taught to count on the finger divisions and the tape of me reciting gayatri mantra should be played for each into your right ear. The fire yajna can be held for all five devotees.

Hoping this meets you in good health.

Your ever well wisher,
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

Jaggadeva das Brahmachary,
ISKCON Amsterdam