Letter to: H.S. Dwivedi , 1977-04-08

Hare Krishna Land
Juhu Rd., Juhu
Bombay 400 054

Dear Shri Dwivedi,
Please accept my greetings. I beg to thank you for your letter dated April 3rd, 1977 with the enclosed Bird’s Eye View of a Adarsh Seva Sangha center.

The prospectus which you have sent appears to be very encouraging and I am considering how to do the needful. I will write you again in the near future regarding your party’s coming to Bombay.

Yours faithfully,
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami


My dear Pujya Swamijee,

I must apologise in the very outset for the delay in writing you. I had actually written to the Governor of Maharashtra on the same day I got your letter dated Dec. 12, 1974 requesting him to render the necessary help in the matter you have referred to in your letter. I was hoping to get some reply from him and hence this reply got delayed. As I am going out on a long tour to my home state for about 12 days, I thought I must keep you informed of the action I have taken. I am enclosing herewith a copy of the letter I had written to the Governor of Maharashtra. I had sent your letter to me, in original, to him retaining a copy of the same with me.

I am extremely grateful to you for all the kind words you have said about me and the blessings you have showered on me. I only hope and trust that with your blessings and prayers, I would derive the necessary strength to rise up to your expectations and behave in Varnashrama manner and discharge my duties to the satisfaction of God, Godliness and the people.

Today I have written to the Governor of Maharashtra reminding him about your case. I would also request you to kindly depute someone to find out from the Governor’s office or meet the person concerned in this context and also by referring to my letter to the Governor.

I am really sorry for the very unfortunate manner in which your case for the construction of a temple is getting unduly and unnecessarily prolonged.

I am enclosing a letter addressed to the Governor of Maharashtra which you may send through the person you appoint for the purpose to present it personally to the Governor.

I hope you are keeping quite well.

With affectionate regards,
(M. Channa Reddy)

Sri A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami
ISKCON – Gandhi Gram Rd.
Juhu, Bombay

Encl: as above.

Dec 25, 1974

My dear Nawab Sahib,

I hope you received my letter dated Dec. 18, 1974, a copy of which is enclosed for your ready reference.

I have now suggested to the organizers of Hare Krishna Movement to seek an interview with you and submit the details personally. I am confident that this will receive your sympathetic consideration.

I hope both of you are quite well.

With best and personal regards to you both.

(M. Channa Reddy)

Nawab Ali Yavar Jung

Gov. of Maharashtra

Raj Bhavan


Encl: As above.

My dear Shri V.P. Naik,

Tridandi Gosvami AC Bhaktivedanta Swami, Founder-Acarya, ISKCON Centre has purchased a land at Juhu for construction of a Krishna Temple. There seems to be some hurdle and delay at the Municipal Co-operation level. I have requested Swamiji to present to you an application with all the details. I hope, you will kindly look into these details and give them the necessary advice and guidance.

It is long time that we met. I hope you are quite well.

With kind regards,
Yours sincerely,

(M. Channa Reddy)

Sri Vasantrao Phulsing Naik

Chief Minister, Maharashtra, Bombay

Gov., U.P.

Jan. 15, 1975

My dear Shri Shri Param PujyaSwamiji,

Thank you very much for your letter dated 11 Jan. and the kind blessings.

I am sorry to find that your two Secretaries, Srimad Bhagavan das and Srimad Giriraja das tried their utmost to get an appointment with the Sec. to the Gov. of Maha, but it was not successful. I also regret to inform you that I have not received any reply from Nawab Sahiv. In these circumstances, I think we should try with the Chief Minister. I am sending a letter addressed to him enclosed herewith with the request that you may kindly direct the above two Secretaries to seek an interview and personally present my letter along with an application giving the details of the case. I hope that the Chief Minister will look into this matter and to expedite. I really feel sorry that your small thing like this could not be resolved.

As you are aware, Uttar Pradesh is full of Temples and pilgrims’ centres. Naimisharanya is one such sacred place where we have VYAS PITH and also where the PURANAS are said to have come into existence. SHRI SHRI ANANDA MAI has also an Ashram there. Shri Naradananda Swami is now occupying the VYASA GADDI. SHRI SHRI ANANDA MAI got a Purana Temple constructed here and also installing (STHAPANA) the Murti of PURANA PURUSH: She made a general reference for having something done for the PURANAS at Naimisharanya which is their birthplace. I have been contemplating to establish a Research and Teaching Centre for PURANAS AND VEDAS at Naimisharanya. The other day when I was at Tirupati the Tirupati Devasthanam people expressed their willingness to establish a Centre for Vedas and in such a case we can perhaps take up the puranas part in Naimisharanya.

This is only a broad idea and the scope, and other details have to be worked out. I would seek your guidance and advice on the details of this kind of a project and your blessings and full cooperation in giving a shape to it. I have an idea of getting the foundation-stone laid by the 13th or 14th of May. I have also seen a site of about 45 acres of land for the purpose.

With affectionate regards,

Yours sincerely,
M. Channa Reddy

My dear Governor,

Please refer to your personal letter to me dated 18 Dec. regarding the construction of a temple in Juhu. I am examining the case myself and shall let you know later after the necessary consultations.

Yours sincerely,


Ali Yavar Jung

Gov. Uttar Pradesha

Raj Bhavan, Lucknow

Jan. 23, 1975

My dear Pujya Swamiji,

I hope you got my last letter, along with the original letter addressed to the Chief Minister in the context of the construction of temple at Juhu. Just now, I got a letter from the Governor of Bombay, Sri Ali Yavar Jung, a copy of which is enclosed herewith for your information. I do not know if your Secretaries have already contacted the Chief Minister.

With affectionate regards,
Yours affectionately,


(M. Channa Reddy)