Letter to: Dhindro, Vanalata Mullick , Los Angeles , 1969-01-15

My Dear Dhindro and Vanalata Mullick,

Please accept my blessings. I hope by this time you have safely reached your home and everything is going well. When you were here I requested you to connect with me some of your tenants at Natoon Bazar selling brass utensils. I want many pairs of Navadvipa-made karatalas, so please introduce to me some of your very reliable tenants, and I shall send you the money for purchase. The supplier should pack it nicely in a gunny bag. We have got our own shipping agents: Msgrs United Shipping Corporation, 14/2 Old China Bazar Street, Room #18, Calcutta-1), and they will take care of the shipping. I have already shown you samples of karatalas while you were sitting in my room, and I hope you will help me in this connection.

I do not know if you were able to visit our Hawaii, Honolulu temple. Perhaps you were unable. Anyway, I shall be glad to hear from you about your pleasant journey from Los Angeles to Calcutta by Japan.

You will be pleased to know that in London, one rich English boy has agreed to donate a house which is worth Rs 800,000 for our temple there. At present, our devotees there are in a rented house, but I think by the next month it will be possible to sit in our own London temple. In this temple I wish to install Radha-Krishna murtis, and if you so desire, you can donate a pair of murtis for installation in London temple. That will be very much glorified for your great forefather, the late Rajairajendra Mullick. Very much appreciated would be a pair of murtis of the size and gesture as Sri Sri Radha-Govindaji of late Kashinath Mullick's temple.

Another request to you is that because you have so kindly come to see me it is my duty to instruct you about your spiritual advancement of life. Both of you are so fortunate to become the servitors of Sri Sri Jagannatha Deva, installed by your forefathers. The best thing will be to increase your affection for these Jagannatha Devas, and as such, you should not eat anything which is not offered to Jagannatha. In other words, you should take only the prasadam of Jagannatha Deva. This practice will so much help you in your spiritual life. This facility you have got in this life should not be missed. That is my request to both of you. I hope this will meet you in good health. I am awaiting your early reply.

Your ever well-wisher,
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami