Letter to: Dayala Nitai , Los Angeles , 1968-12-29

My Dear Dayala Nitai,

Please accept my blessings. I bet to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated December 21, 1968 and I thank you very much for this. You are a very good worker I am fully aware, and I am always encouraged by your nice enthusiasm. You have written at length in apologizing for your difficulty in English language, but we are not concerned with language but with the heart. But at the same time, our language must be elegant to deal with the public. Anyway, you are entrusted with the French edition of Back to Godhead and this is nothing to do with the English language. Your sincere devotional service will surely help you more and more in improving your fluency with English, you need have no doubt about this. But even if our language is broken we must speak of Krishna Consciousness without caring for literary or grammatical style. English is a foreign language to me also, but I try to speak it, not to be a big scholar, but to be a servant of Krishna. So do not be disturbed if you feel that your language ability is not yet very expert.

I very much appreciate your proposal to bind the yearly editions of your magazine in a permanent book. This will be very nice so that in the future these magazines will be preserved for people to take advantage of the valuable articles.

Regarding teaching other forms of yoga in the yoga class, you may instruct upon the 6th chapter of Bhagavad-gita. That will include the process of the Patanjali system. Practically, any process besides sankirtana will not be very effective in this age of kali yuga, so as much as possible try to have your students chanting Hare Krishna and dancing in ecstasy. This will be very successful for everyone.

So far as doing outside printing work on your printing machine, if it is worth while in terms of finance, then you may do this. Thanking you once more for your nice letter, I hope that you are very well.

Your ever well wisher,
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami