Letter to: Darshanacharya Dr. B.L. Atreya M.A. D.Litt etc , Bombay , 1958-08-14

Padmabhushan Knight Commander,
Darshanacharya Dr. B.L. Atreya M.A. D.Litt etc.
Atrey Nivas, P.O. Hindu University,

Dear Sir,

As you are a visiting professor to foreign countries on religious and philosophical mission, I am in need of your help for advancing the cause of my missionary activities. The programme in nutshell is enclosed herewith in an appeal form which please read and oblige. And on receipt of your reply to this letter, I shall send you my publications both in Hindi and English.

The whole idea is to preach the cult of Lord Caitanya who desired to bestow upon every living being the highest benefit by transcendental love of Godhead which alone can bring in peace in the world.

They are now very busy to bring in peace in the world and are continuously holding expensive conferences, meetings, summit talks etc. to make an effective peace movement but because such attempts are being made without any relation of God, they are all manifold creations of the External Potency of the Absolute Truth. As an experienced philosopher this fact is not hidden before you. According to Lord Caitanya every Indian is competent to do good to the rest of the world provided such Indian has fulfilled the mission of life which is to revive the dormant divine consciousness in every living being.

The process recommended by the Lord is very simple and plain. It is just to create a favorable condition for hearing only the message of Krishna (Bhagavad-gita) or the messages about Krishna (The spiritual Bhagavatam) or both combined in the message of Sri Caitanya Caritamrta.

The hearing tendency is made easy and still more favorable by songs and music of spiritual value to be equally shared by all classes of men namely the highest educated and the lowest illiterate,. The movement is sublime and easy at the some time.

The League of Devotees is registered to make this movement in an organized way and I wish to enquire if any co-operation and help can be expected from your honour.

Awaiting your early reply and thanking you in anticipation.

Yours faithfully,