Letter to: Anapurna, Ananda , Montreal , 1968-09-04


My Dear Anapurna and Ananda das,

Please accept my blessings. I have received your two long letters, when I was in Montreal; since then I have come to New York on the 31st of August 1968, on my way to San Francisco. I shall go to San Francisco on the 8th instant, and I shall see what is the situation there, then I shall proceed to Seattle, and from Seattle, I may go to Vancouver.

So far your marriage is concerned, I am very sorry that Ananda's parents are not willing in this marriage ceremony; now it is up to you for deciding whether you should get married or not. But I think you should, under the circumstances, the best thing will be that you get yourself married legally, according to the state laws and get a certificate and I think, Ananda, you should try to remain in Vancouver, and work. And by your labor you try to open a branch in Vancouver, and that will be very nice thing. And when I go to Vancouver, from Seattle, I shall offer my blessings in observing the rituals of our marriage system.

I shall give you one engagement and if you secure one dictaphone then I shall send you regular tapes for transcribing it into English version, and you will make two copies. One copy shall be sent to me, another copy shall be sent to Hayagriva Brahmacari. As Govinda dasi and her husband, is trying to help me in compiling essays and texts of Caitanya Caritamrta, similarly, I shall give you a task for the Science of Devotion. So that will be nice duty for you, because both of you are well versed in typewriting, so you can do that. At the same time, if you organize a center in Vancouver, simply by chanting. It is not very difficult to open a center for our activities. You can remain in any apartment as husband and wife, and invite persons there to hear your chanting and topics, that is our center, and let it be gradually improved. I think this program will be very much suitable for you at the present moment.

As for your going to London, I do not think it is required. Because as Ananda's parents have not approved of this marriage, it may be that Anapurna's father may also not like such combination. So in your country generally the boy and the girl picks their own consort, so if you have decided to get yourself married, then without any consent from your respective parents, you can get yourself married. But Anapurna's father is very much anxious to see Anapurna, so under the circumstances, if you want to go there, then I have no objection. And I am also going there very soon, because I have received letter from Malati, that they have already entered England, and they have got 6 month visa. So it may be that I shall be going there very soon, but the fact is that when you have decided to get yourself married, I think without the formalities of taking consent from your parents, you can get yourself married legally. And be established as husband and wife anywhere, wherever you like, it doesn't matter.

So far your desire, especially Anapurna's desire, to live wherever I go, I may inform you that I am a Sannyasi, and there is no fixity where I go. Under the circumstances, if you establish yourself in one place, and engross yourself in transcribing the tapes, so that a nice book will come out in due course of time, that will be a great service for the society, and to me also. You can reply this letter to San Francisco address, because I am going there on the 8th. Another thing, you may inquire if there is any American Consulate office in Vancouver. If there is, please let me know the address also.

The conclusion is that in my opinion, both of you should legally be married, and Ananda may work to maintain the center in Vancouver. That is my desire. And Anapurna may go on with the typewriting business. If this does not suit someway or other, then we shall later on discuss what to be done. Hope you are both well,

Yours ever well-wisher,
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami